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1984 Cover

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English Spanish (Espanol) French
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  • Number of people who have this disc in their collection: 18

  • DVD Region 1 MGM Home Entertainment 1.85:1 (16:9) 16:9 (Anamorphic) Enhanced NTSC Add to Collection Add to Wishlist View Video Clips/Trailers for this disc View Images for this disc Compare prices for this disc


    Synopsis: Tale of forbidden love in Big Brother nightmarish future is relentlessly bleak. Stifling atmosphere will likely appeal to sci-fi, romance, or drama fans in the mood for something dark.

    User Rating: 6.466.466.466.466.466.466.466.466.466.46 (1 vote) (More Details and Cast Your Vote)

    Directed By: Michael Radford
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    $USD 8.49 - Video Universe
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    Cast: Richard Burton
    Cyril Cusack
    Gregor Fisher
    Suzanna Hamilton
    John Hurt
    James Walker
    Genre: Action / Drama /
    Romance / Sci-Fi
    Running Time: 110 minutes
    Year of Production: 1984
    Disc Release Date: March 4, 2003


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    Extra Features:

    • Original Theatrical Trailer

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    Disc: Type:
    1: Single Sided, Single Layer

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    Track: Language: Details:
    1: English Dolby Digital 1.0 (Mono)

    Disc Subtitle Information:

    English, Spanish (Espanol), French

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    Video Rating:7777777777 You must login to register/view your ratings
    Audio Rating:7777777777
    Extras Rating:2222222222
    Movie Rating:9999999999
    Overall Rating:6.466.466.466.466.466.466.466.466.466.46
    Number of Votes:1
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    User Reviews:

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    Spooky true ...

    Davart, United States of America (Reviewer Ranking: 2) wrote this review on September 19, 2005:

    If you've ever gone to high school it is likey you had to read a George Orwell store. This is the one I read in addition to Animal Farm.
    this is a dark film with moment that look scary much like today with the government and companies watching our every move. The store if you don;t know it is about Big Brother, the all seeing the all knowing powers that be. Every move is watched, ever word is heard, everything you do is recorded and information is controlled ... sound familier? John Hurt does a fine job in this film, and worth adding to any collection. I will run on and on about it as I'm sure you know the story. 9/10 on the film the extras on the disc at lacking and the overall quality is fair as this is a little older DVD release, I hope to see a deluxe edition remastered and tons of extras in the future as this book was so profitic in it's vision of the future.

    Video Rating: 7777777777
    Audio Rating: 7777777777
    Extras Rating: 2222222222
    Movie Rating: 9999999999
    Overall Rating:

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