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Win Prizes Every Month!!

Win Prizes Every Month!!

Award Points Logo
You can win prizes every month!!

All you have to do is to look for this symbol Award Points for submissions that can earn you award points, and as long as your submission is valid, you will get points towards claiming prizes every month*.

Top 3 Submitters win prizes!!

The top 3 members with the most submissions (most award points) in the current month will win prizes, provided that 2,000 or more reward points are earned by the user**. Only award points for submissions made in the current month are considered for the prize draw. Click here to view your current submission statistics, including your current submission ranking. Click here to view the top 100 submitters.

This Month's Prizes (May 2024)
  1. $USD 50 gift certificate from Amazon***
  2. $USD 30 gift certificate from Amazon***
  3. $USD 20 gift certificate from Amazon***

Last Month's Winners (April 2024)

  1. LegoGuy02, United States of America
  2. black6q, United States of America

* Submissions close at 10pm on the last day of the month (Australian Eastern Time - see Melbourne Time). Only users with 2,000 reward points or more are considered for prizes. One or more of the prizes may not be given during any given month if there are less than 3 users with more than 1,000 award points in any given month.

** Prizes are different for every month. Prizes involving gift certificates must be from an online DVD store that has gift certificates available for sale. Currency will be exchanged for local currency if required.

*** Amazon gift certificate can be requested from the US, Canadian or UK Amazon websites. If prize money is not in USD, the most current exchange rates will be used to determine prize amount.

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