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Below is a list of things you can do on dvdloc8.com. Most of these features require you to register for a free user account.

  • Search for DVDs using a variety of methods (for example: by cast, by director, by distributor/studio or by genre)
  • Find DVD easter eggs/hidden features
  • Find the best DVD edition for the current movie (or compare the same DVD from different regions)
  • Find the best price for DVDs
  • Find link and resources for movies
  • Write and read review for DVDs
  • Rate DVDs based on their video/audio quality, extras quantity and overall movie quality
  • Maintain a list of DVDs that you own and collect, with statistics to help you manage your collection
  • Maintain a list of DVDs that you want to buy in your wishlist
  • Export your collection or wishlist to Excel
  • And more...

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