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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Cover

Audio Track(s):
English Italian Polish Commentary

Subtitle Track(s):
English Italian Dutch (Nederlands) Arabic Bulgarian Danish (Dansk)
Finnish Hebrew Icelandic (Islenka) Norwegian (Norsk) Polish Swedish (Svenska)
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  • Number of people who have this disc in their collection: 7

  • DVD Region 4 Columbia/Tristar 2.40:1 16:9 (Anamorphic) Enhanced PAL Add to Collection Add to Wishlist View Easter Eggs for this disc View Video Clips/Trailers for this disc View Images for this disc Compare prices for this disc


    Synopsis: Sequel to the rock-em-sock-em action-comedy about a trio of gorgeous, kung funky P.I.'s whose newest assignment from their mysterious boss has them tracking down a pair of rings to protect the identities of those in the Witness Protection Program. But before they do, there are butts to kick, including an ex-Angel gone to the dark side.

    User Rating: 7.607.607.607.607.607.607.607.607.607.60 (1 vote) (More Details and Cast Your Vote)

    Directed By: McG
    Recommended Retail Price:

    Best Price:
    $AUD 11.95 - Atlantic DVD
    (does not include shipping)

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    Cast: Drew Barrymore
    Cameron Diaz
    Crispin Glover
    Lucy Liu
    Bernie Mac
    Justin Theroux
    Genre: Action / Adventure /
    Comedy / Mystery
    Running Time: 102 minutes
    Year of Production: 2003
    Disc Release Date: November 17, 2003


    There are no other editions of this movie in the current region (region 4).
    There are 5 additional editions of this movie in other regions

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    Extra Features:

    • Audio Commentary by McG's Telestrator Commentary
    • Audio Commentary by Writers
    • Featurette: Angel's Makeover: Hansen Dam
    • Featurette: Cameo-Graphy
    • Featurette: Designing Angels
    • Featurette: Dream Duds
    • Featurette: Full Throttle
    • Featurette: Pussy Cat Dolls
    • Featurette: Rolling With The Punches
    • Featurette: There's no such thing as a short shot, only an overworked pr
    • Featurette: XXX-Treme Angels
    • Filmographies-Cast & Crew
    • Informational Subtitles: Angel Vision Trivia Track
    • Music Highlights: Full Throttle Jukebox
    • Music Video: Pink Featuring William Orbit - "Feel Good Time"
    • Trailer: Anger Management, S.W.A.T.
    • Trailer: Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

    Disc Information:

    Disc: Type:
    1: Single Sided, Dual Layer

    Disc Audio Information:

    Track: Language: Details:
    1: English Dolby Digital 5.1 (384 kbps)
    2: Italian Dolby Digital 5.1 (384 kbps)
    3: Polish Dolby Digital 5.1 (384 kbps)
    4: Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0 (Surround) (192 kbps)
    5: Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0 (Surround) (192 kbps)

    Disc Subtitle Information:

    English, Italian, Dutch (Nederlands), Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish (Dansk), Finnish, Hebrew, Icelandic (Islenka), Norwegian (Norsk), Polish, Swedish (Svenska), English (Commentary)

    User Ratings for this disc:

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    Video Rating:9999999999 You must login to register/view your ratings
    Audio Rating:8888888888
    Extras Rating:9999999999
    Movie Rating:7777777777
    Overall Rating:7.607.607.607.607.607.607.607.607.607.60
    Number of Votes:1
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