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100 Women

Synopsis: If at first you don’t' succeed... Sam is a dexterity-challenged art student having the worst day of his life when a streak of fate and a gust of wind blows Hope across his path. She cheers him up and restores his faith in life. The next time they meet, Hope is living in a women's residence and irreversibly depressed. Sam embarks on a mission to restore her zest for life. Along they way, Sam finds the smile he has been looking for in the last place he thought he would find it.

Directed By: Michael Davis Genre: Comedy
Cast: Chad Donella, Clint Howard, Steve Monroe,
Jennifer Morrison, Melissa Stone
Year of Production: 2002


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100 Women
100 Women (DVD, R)

Region: 1
Released: Apr-29-2003
Run Time: 94 minutes

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