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Psycho Cover

Audio Track(s):
English French German (Deutsch) Italian Spanish (Espanol) Japanese

Subtitle Track(s):
English French Spanish (Espanol) Chinese Danish (Dansk) Dutch (Nederlands)
Finnish German (Deutsch) Italian Japanese Korean Swedish (Svenska)

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  • Number of people who have this disc in their collection: 1

  • Blu-ray Disc Region Free (Blu-ray) Universal Pictures Home Video 1.85:1 (16:9) 1080p Add to Collection Add to Wishlist View Images for this disc Compare prices for this disc


    Synopsis: Classic Hitchcock mystery thriller about grisly murders at an isolated motel. Critics and audiences still rave over the creepy lead performance and tension-filled buildup. A must for fans of suspense, psychological terror.

    Disc(s) related to this movie: Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection, Alfred Hitchcock: The Essentials Collection [Blu-ray]

    User Rating: 8.938.938.938.938.938.938.938.938.938.93 (1 vote) (More Details and Cast Your Vote)

    Directed By: Alfred Hitchcock
    Recommended Retail Price:
    £19.99 (€24.21)

    Cast: Martin Balsam
    John Gavin
    Janet Leigh
    John McIntire
    Vera Miles
    Anthony Perkins
    Genre: Classic / Drama /
    Horror / Suspense /
    Running Time: 109 minutes
    Year of Production: 1960
    Disc Release Date: August 9, 2010


    There are 3 editions of this movie (including the current edition) in the current region (region Free (Blu-ray))
    There are 9 additional editions of this movie in other regions

    There are 2 discss that are related to this movie

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    Extra Features:

    • Audio Commentary by Stephen Rebello, Author of "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho"
    • Documentary: The Making of Psycho (94mins)
    • Featurette: In the Master's Shadow: Hitchcock's Legacy (26mins)
    • Featurette: Hitchcock / Truffaut (15mins)
    • Featurette: Newsreel Footage: The Release of Psycho (8mins)
    • Featurette: The Shower Scene: With & Without Music (2mins)
    • Featurette: Psycho Sound (10mins)
    • Gallery: The Psycho Archives
    • Gallery: The Shower Sequence: Storyboards by Saul Bass
    • Gallery: Posters and Psycho Ads
    • Gallery: Lobby Cards
    • Gallery: Behind the Scenes Photographs
    • Gallery: Publicity Shots
    • Theatrical Trailers

    Disc Information:

    Disc: Type:
    1: Single Sided, Dual Layer

    Disc Audio Information:

    Track: Language: Details:
    1: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
    2: English DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0 (Mono)
    3: French Dolby Digital 1.0 (Mono)
    4: German (Deutsch) Dolby Digital 1.0 (Mono)
    5: Italian Dolby Digital 1.0 (Mono)
    6: Spanish (Espanol) Dolby Digital 1.0 (Mono)
    7: Japanese Dolby Digital 1.0 (Mono)
    8: Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0 (Surround)

    Disc Subtitle Information:

    English, French, Spanish (Espanol), Chinese, Danish (Dansk), Dutch (Nederlands), Finnish, German (Deutsch), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Swedish (Svenska)

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    Video Rating:10101010101010101010 You must login to register/view your ratings
    Audio Rating:8888888888
    Extras Rating:9999999999
    Movie Rating:10101010101010101010
    Overall Rating:8.938.938.938.938.938.938.938.938.938.93
    Number of Votes:1
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