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Aladdin (2-Disc Special Edition)

Aladdin (2-Disc Special Edition) Cover

Audio Track(s):
English Spanish (Espanol) French Commentary

Subtitle Track(s):
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List Facts:

  • Number of people who have this disc in their collection: 14

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    scootie1996's "Erin's Movies" List
  • DVD Region 4 Buena Vista 1.66:1 16:9 (Anamorphic) Enhanced PAL Add to Collection Add to Wishlist View Images for this disc Compare prices for this disc


    Synopsis: Disney's animated, fast-paced, musical version of the famed Arabian Nights tale stars Robin Williams as a magic—and manic—genie who helps two young people badly in need of granted wishes.

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    Directed By: Ron Clements
    John Musker
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    Best Price:
    $AUD 32.95 - Atlantic DVD
    (does not include shipping)

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    Cast: Jonathan Freeman
    Gilbert Gottfried
    Linda Larkin
    Scott Weinger
    Frank Welker
    Robin Williams
    Genre: Action / Animation /
    Comedy / Family /
    Fantasy / Kids /
    Music / Musical
    Running Time: 87 minutes
    Year of Production: 1992
    Disc Release Date: September 12, 2004


    There are 2 editions of this movie (including the current edition) in the current region (region 4)
    There are 10 additional editions of this movie in other regions

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    Extra Features:

    • Deleted Songs and Scenes
    • Music
    • Aladdin's Magic Carpet Adventure: A Disney Virtual DVD Ride
    • Inside the Genie's Lamp
    • Guided Tour
    • Self Guided Tour
    • 3 Wishes Game: Your Fortune Revealed
    • The Genie World Tour
    • A Diamond In The Rough: The Making of Aladdin
    • Leonard Maltin Intro
    • An Evening With The Creators of Aladdin
    • The Producers
    • From Arabian Nights to the Silver Screen
    • Reflections on Black Friday
    • Keane's Team: Redesigning the Lead Character
    • Rough Stuff #1: Progression Reel
    • Rough Stuff #2: An Animator Checks His Work
    • Green Room / Take 1
    • A Whole New World: The Recording Sessions
    • Rough Stuff #3: Prince Ali Pencil Test
    • Green Room / Take 2
    • The Animators
    • Pencil & Computer: Creating the Magic Carpet
    • Master of the Line: The Art of Al Hirschfeled
    • Designing Jasmine
    • Designing Jafar
    • Unsung Heroes of the Clean-Up Department
    • Jafar Goes to the Birds
    • Rough Stuff #4: When Live Action Meets Animation
    • Green Room / Take 3
    • The Voice Talent
    • You Talkin' to Me?: The Voices of Aladdin
    • Gilbert Gottfried: Up Close and Aggravated
    • Behind the Microphone
    • Extended Cast Interviews
    • Green Room / Take 4
    • Made You Look
    • Alan Menken: Musical Renaissance Man
    • The Art of Aladdin
    • Art Review with filmmaker's commentary
    • Still Frames Gallery
    • Visual Development
    • Story Development
    • Background and Color Keys
    • Character Development
    • Publicity
    • Original Theatrical Trailer
    • Publicity Gallery
    • Theatrical Posters
    • Unused Concepts
    • Theme Parks
    • Original Trailer: Aladdin and the King of Thieves
    • Original Trailer: Aladdin: Return of Jafar

    Disc Information:

    Disc: Type:
    1: Single Sided, Dual Layer
    2: Single Sided, Dual Layer

    Disc Audio Information:

    Track: Language: Details:
    1: English Dolby Digital 5.1
    2: Spanish (Espanol) Dolby Digital 5.1
    3: French Dolby Digital 5.1
    4: Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0 (Surround)

    Disc Subtitle Information:


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