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28 Weeks Later [Blu-ray] (Australia)
28 Weeks Later [Blu-ray] (Australia) (Blu-ray Disc, MA)

Directed By: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Starring: Robert Carlyle, Catherine McCormack
Region: B (Blu-ray)
Released: Feb-5-2008
Run Time: 113 minutes

Blood Diamond [Blu-ray]
Blood Diamond [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Disc, R)

Directed By: Edward Zwick
Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Leonardo DiCaprio
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Jun-5-2007
Run Time: 143 minutes

Casino Royale [Blu-ray]
Casino Royale [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Disc, M)

Directed By: Martin Campbell
Starring: Judi Dench, Giancarlo Giannini
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Apr-11-2007
Run Time: 144 minutes

Clear and Present Danger [Blu-ray]
Clear and Present Danger [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Disc, PG-13)

Directed By: Phillip Noyce
Starring: Harrison Ford, Willem Dafoe
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Jul-29-2008
Run Time: 141 minutes

Cloverfield [Blu-ray]
Cloverfield [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Disc, PG-13)

Directed By: Matt Reeves
Starring: Lizzy Caplan, Mike Vogel
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Jun-3-2008
Run Time: 84 minutes

Fountain [Blu-ray], The
Fountain [Blu-ray], The (Blu-ray Disc, PG-13)

Directed By: Darren Aronofsky
Starring: Ellen Burstyn, Hugh Jackman
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: May-15-2007
Run Time: 96 minutes

Ghost Rider (Extended Cut) [Blu-ray]
Ghost Rider (Extended Cut) [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Disc, M)

Directed By: Mark Steven Johnson
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Wes Bentley
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Sep-6-2007
Run Time: 123 minutes

Godfather Collection, The - Four-Disc Coppola Restoration [Blu-ray] (Australia)
Godfather Collection, The - Four-Disc Coppola Restoration [Blu-ray] (Australia) (Blu-ray Disc, MA)

Directed By: Francis Ford Coppola
Starring: Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Oct-29-2008
Run Time: 547 minutes

Hunt for Red October, The [Blu-ray]
Hunt for Red October, The [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Disc, PG)

Directed By: John McTiernan
Starring: Sean Connery, Scott Glenn
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Jul-29-2008
Run Time: 135 minutes

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2 Disc Special Edition)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2 Disc Special Edition) (Blu-ray Disc, PG-13)

Directed By: Steven Spielberg
Starring: John Hurt, Harrison Ford
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Oct-14-2008
Run Time: 122 minutes

Iron Man (Ultimate 2-Disc Edition)
Iron Man (Ultimate 2-Disc Edition) (Blu-ray Disc, PG-13)
Average Rating: (2 votes)

Directed By: Jon Favreau
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Jeff Bridges
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Sep-30-2008
Run Time: 126 minutes

Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda (Blu-ray Disc, PG)

Directed By: Mark Osborne
Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu
Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Nov-9-2008
Run Time: 88 minutes

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