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Collection Statistics

You can use this page to view DVDGuy's collection list statistics. Some of the graph bars are clickable to show the discs in this collection list that matches the criteria of the graph item (eg. click on the genre graph to see all discs belonging to this genre in this list).

Number of Discs: 1Number of movies/shows/packages: 616
Physical number of discs: 909
Collector Rank:28
Collection Value:$AUD22,553.99 ($USD20,323.40)
Average Disc Price:$AUD36.61
Number of users with less Discs:76578
Number of users with more Discs:41
Average Run Time of Discs:152 minutes
Total Run Time of Discs:1547.63 hours (92,858 minutes)
Favorite Actor:Tom Hanks starred in 13 discs in this collection
Favorite Director:Steven Spielberg directed 16 discs in this collection
Most Common Distributor:Universal Pictures Home Video distributed 112 discs in this collection
Most Common Video Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Most Common Extra Feature Type:Deleted Scenes
(excluding common extra feature types like commentary, documentary/featurette, trailers)
Most Common Censorship Rating:M (Australia)
HD vs SD:
Video Format: Number of Discs:
SD (DVD) 508
HD 108
Region Breakdown:
Region: Number of Discs:
Region 1 91
Region 2 19
Region 3 2
Region 4 393
Region Free 84
Region B (Blu-ray) 5
Region Free (Blu-ray) 22
Genre Breakdown:
Genre: Number of Discs:
Action 277
Adventure 139
Animation 33
Biography 4
Classic 34
Comedy 198
Crime 64
Cult 28
Documentary 26
Drama 312
Family 49
Fantasy 78
Film-Noir 2
Foreign 9
Gay/Lesbian 2
History 5
Horror 46
Independent (Indie) 10
Kids 30
Music 23
Musical 12
Mystery 44
Romance 81
Sci-Fi 154
Sci-Fi -> Star Trek 10
Sci-Fi -> Star Wars 5
Sports 17
Suspense 100
Thriller 182
War 57
Western 8

1 The "Number of movies/shows/packages" statistic refers to the number of individually purchasable packages, while the "Physical number of discs" statistic refers to the actual number of discs. For example, a 2-disc edition of a movie would count as 1 movie/show/package and as 2 physical discs.

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