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Bank, The

Synopsis: The potential of Jim's software fires the imagination and greed of Simon O'Reilly (Anthony La Paglia), the CEO of Centabank. O'Reilly's freewheeling management style and negative performances are under attack by his Board. He's looking for the magic bullet to save his skin. O'Reilly lures Jim to work for Centrebank. With endless money and resources to play with, Jim perfects his theory. O'Reilly and the Bank's Board of Directors fall under the spell of his system and the wealth it could bring.

Directed By: Robert Connolly Genre: Drama
Cast: Sibylla Budd, Mitchell Butel, Anthony LaPaglia, Mandy McElhinney,
Kazuhiro Muroyama, Steve Rodgers, Greg Stone, David Wenham
Year of Production: 2002


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Bank, The
Bank, The (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Jun-17-2003
Run Time: 103 minutes

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