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Synopsis: A homeless young man, Tae-suk, stays off the streets at night by occupying homes and apartments that are temporarily vacated. In return for trespassing on people's property and using things like their bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, Tae-suk commits small niceties, like doing people's laundry. When he stays in the home of a rich, unhappily married woman, he recognizes a kindred spirit and begins to fall for her.

Alternate Title(s): 3-Iron (Canada: English title) (International: English title) , Bin jib

Directed By: Ki-duk Kim Genre: Drama / Romance
Cast: Jeong-ho Choi, Hee Jae, Jin-mo Ju, Hyuk-ho Kwon,
Seung-yun Lee, Seung-yeon Lee, Hyun-kyoon Lee, Ju-seok Lee
Year of Production: 2004


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3 Iron
3 Iron (DVD, R)

Region: 1
Released: Sep-6-2005
Run Time: 88 minutes
Average Rating:
8.938.938.938.938.938.938.938.938.938.93 (1 vote)

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