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Gin-iro no kami no Agito

Synopsis: It has been 300 years since mankind's interference with the environment left Earth in ruins. Now the remnants of humanity are divided as never before. The crumbling remains of vast cities stand in tenuous coexistence with the encroaching forest, and humans live on both sides of this brewing conflict. Young Agito, the son of an aging hero, inadvertently sets in motion a series of catastrophic events when he wanders into a forbidden zone of the forest. He stumbles across a cryogenic stasis containing Toola, a girl who has a vital mission entrusted to her from the past.

Alternate Title(s): Origin: Spirits of the Past

Directed By: Keiichi Sugiyama Genre: Animation / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi
Cast: Kenichi Endo, Toshikazu Fukawa, Masaru Hamaguchi, Ryo Katsuji,
Yûko Kotegawa, Aoi Miyazaki, Ren Osugi
Year of Production: 2006


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Origin: Spirits of the Past
Origin: Spirits of the Past (DVD, 12)

Region: 2
Released: Aug-25-2008
Run Time: 94 minutes

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