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Angel On My Shoulder

Synopsis: Muni portrays Eddie Kagle, a recently murdered gangster whose attempts at "busting out" of hell and returning to the world of the living bring him to the attention of Nick (Claude Rains)- the Devil himself. Eddie makes a deal with Nick; the devil will send him back to Earth to take over the body of a respected judge who is trying to stamp out evil. If, as the judge, Eddie can become more dishonest and help keep more of those doing the devil's work roaming the Earth, Nick will set him free for good. But Eddie soon discovers that he can't return to his corrupt ways, and when he falls in love with the judge's fiancée (Anne Baxter), he tries to break his deal with the devil.

Directed By: Archie Mayo Genre: Classic / Drama / Sci-Fi
Cast: Anne Baxter, Paul Muni,
Claude Rains, Onslow Stevens
Year of Production: 1946


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Angel on My Shoulder (Unicorn)
Angel on My Shoulder (Unicorn) (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Sep-12-2006
Run Time: 100 minutes

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