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My Wife is a Gangster

Synopsis: Cha Eun-jin, aka Mantis, is a legend among South Korean mobsters for being tough as steel and able to defeat all comers at hand-to-hand combat. Among sub-bosses, she has no peer and, with her tomboy demeanor and thorough lack of social skills, certainly seems an unlikely candidate for domesticity. However, when her terminally ill sister begs her to take a husband, Eun-jin orders that one be found. This turns out to be a far more aggravating process than she expected.

Directed By: Jin-gyu Cho Genre: Action / Comedy / Romance
Cast: Jae-mo Ahn, Eun-ju Choi, Min-su Choi, In-kwon Kim,
Eung-kyung Lee, Sang-Myeon Park, Eun-Kyung Shin
Year of Production: 2001


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My Wife is a Gangster (Nordic edition)
My Wife is a Gangster (Nordic edition) (DVD, K-15)

Region: 2
Released: Apr-10-2005
Run Time: 108 minutes

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