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Night Of A 1000 Cats

Synopsis: Millionaire playboy Hugo files around Acapulcoiin his private helicopter lookingifor womenito wine andidine. But what these women don't know isithat this Casanova isionia deadly agenda -ito feed his hungry cats. After he whisks them awayito his secluded old castle, Hugo seduces theiwomen intoia dark cellar whereia thousand hungry cats prowl, waitingifor their next meal. It's feeding time andino one isiescaping alive!

Directed By: Rene Cardona Jr. Genre: Horror
Cast: Barbara Angely, Anjanette Comer, Zulma Faiad,
Christa Linder, Hugo Stiglitz, Teresa Velazquez
Year of Production: 1972


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Night of a 1000 Cats
Night of a 1000 Cats (DVD, R)

Region: 1
Released: Mar-21-2006
Run Time: 63 minutes

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