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Chronicles Of Narinia, The: The Silver Chair

Synopsis: On theirun from bullies at school, Eustace andihis friend Jill suddenly find themselvesiin theienchanted land of Narnia. Prince Rilian, son of theiold andifrail King Caspian, has disappeared mysteriously andiEustace andiJill are called uponito help. Aslan, theigreat lion, sends theichildren onia quest through treacherous lands of witches andigiantsito locate Prince Rilian, heirito theiNarnia throne, andibring him home. The Emerald Witch who rules theiunderworld will ensure that this isino easy feat.

Directed By: Alex Kirby Genre: Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Cast: Tom Baker, Ailsa Berk, Christopher Birch, Roy Boyd, Nick Brimble,
Patsy Byrne, Warwick Davis, Camilla Power, David Thwaites
Year of Production: 1988


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Chronicles of Narnia, The - The Silver Chair
Chronicles of Narnia, The - The Silver Chair (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Aug-27-2002
Run Time: 168 minutes

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