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Synopsis: A wave of gruesome murders is sweeping Tokyo. The only connection is a bloody "X" carved into the neck of each of the victims. In each case the murderer is found near the victim and remembers nothing of the crime. Detective Takabe and psychiatrist Sakuma are called in to figure out the connection but their investigation goes nowhere. An odd, young man is arrested near the scene of the latest murder, who has a strange effect on everyone who comes into contact with him. Detective Takabe starts a series of interrogations to determine the man's connection with the killings.

Alternate Title(s): Cure

Directed By: Kiyoshi Kurosawa Genre: Drama / Foreign / Horror
Cast: Denden, Yoriko Douguchi, Masato Hagiwara, Yukijiro Hotaru,
Anna Nakagawa, Tsuyoshi Ujiki, Kôji Yakusho
Year of Production: 1997


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Cure (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Jan-13-2004
Run Time: 115 minutes

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