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Ned and Stacey

Synopsis: What happens when two people hate each other at first sight? They get married, of course, in NED AND STACEY, the fast and funny, shotgun marriage-of-convenience sitcom from the producers of "The King of Queens" starring Academy Award ® nominee Thomas Haden Church (Best Supporting Actor, Sideways, 2004) and Emmy Award ® winner Debra Messing ("Will and Grace"). Ned Dorsey (Church) is a pompous advertising executive who needs a wife to get promoted. Stacey Colbert (Messing) is a ditzy freelance writer desperate to move away from her parents. So what happens one week after these strangers meet? They become in-name-only newlyweds with a great new job and a terrific view of Central Park. This three-disc DVD set includes all 24 hilarious episodes.

Directed By: Rick Beren, Lee Shallat Chemel, Pamela Fryman, Paul Lazarus, Terri McCoy, Alan Myerson, Rob Schiller, Max Tash, Andrew D. Weyman Genre: Comedy
Cast: Dori Brenner, Thomas Haden Church, Nadia Dajani,
Greg Germann, Harry Goz, Debra Messing
Year of Production: 1995


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Ned And Stacey: The First Season
Ned And Stacey: The First Season (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Sep-20-2005
Run Time: 535 minutes

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