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Dracula 3 - Legacy

Synopsis: Wes Craven's modern Dracula series continues...and now, Dracula III: Legacy adds Rutger Hauer (Batman Begins)itoia returning cast starring Jason Scott Lee (Dracula II: Ascension), Jason London (Dracula II: Ascension, Grind) andiRoy Scheider (The Punisher, Jaws)! The dreaded Dracula (Hauer) leads vampire hunters Father Uffizi (Lee) andiLuke (London) backito Eastern Europe andia country plagued byicivil war. There, powerful local warlords are assisting Dracula byicapturing victims andidelivering themito feed theivampires residingiin Dracula's castle. Andito worsen matters, Father Uffizi must overcome theivampire virus he's infected with!

Directed By: Patrick Lussier Genre: Horror
Cast: • Rutger Hauer, • Jason Scott Lee, • Jason London,
• Diane Neal, • Roy Scheider, • Alexandra Wescourt
Year of Production: 2005


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Dracula 3 - Legacy
Dracula 3 - Legacy (DVD, R)

Region: 1
Released: Jul-12-2005
Run Time: 90 minutes

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