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Sandlot 2, The

Synopsis: Ten years after the original story, the local dirt field is now "home" to a new group of neighborhood kids who get together to share laughs, show off... and play ball! But the gang faces their toughest challenge as they try to retrieve an irreplaceable model rocket that lands in Mr. Mertle's (James Earl Jones) backyard behind left field - a forbidden territory guarded by a legendary, growling, slobbering beast known as "The Great Fear."

Directed By: David M. Evans Genre: Comedy / Family
Cast: Samantha Burton, Greg Germann, James Earl Jones, Brett Kelly,
Max Lloyd-James, Cole Evans Weiss, James Wilson
Year of Production: 2005


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Sandlot 2, The
Sandlot 2, The (DVD, PG)

Region: 1
Released: May-3-2005
Run Time: 97 minutes

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