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Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu, The

Synopsis: The evil Fu Manchu and his minions set out to destroy the world and blacken men's hearts in these exciting episodes of the 1950's most maniacal series, starring Glen Gordon. Dr. Fu Manchu is fiendishly brilliant, wealthy, and out to make up for the wrongs he has endured. 1. The Death Ship of Dr. Fu Manchu 2. The Prisoner of Dr. Fu Manchu 3. The Master Plan of Dr. Fu Manchu 4. The Golden God of Dr. Fu Manchu BONUS CARTOON: Betty Boop, "The Candid Candidate"

Directed By: Franklin Adreon, William Witney Genre: Crime / Cult / Drama
Cast: Morris Ankrum, Carla Balenda, Edward Colmans, John George, Steven Geray,
Glen Gordon, Clark Howat, Laurette Luez, Lester Matthews, Grandon Rhodes
Year of Production: 1956


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Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu, The
Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu, The (DVD, Not Rated)

Region: Free
Released: Jan-1-2005
Run Time: 90 minutes

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