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Kids From Shaolin

Synopsis: Two rival families live on opposit sides of a river. One consists of all boys who study shaolin boxing, the other all of girls who study Wu-Tang swordplay. Both families must put aside their petty complaints however when a truly evil force threatens them all.

Alternate Title(s): Kids from Shaolin, Kids of Shaolin, Shaolin Boys, Shaolin Kids, Shaolin Temple 2: Kids from Shaolin

Directed By: Xinyan Zhang Genre: Action / Comedy / Foreign
Cast: Jet Li, Chia Hui Liu, Qingfu Pan,
Hu Jian Qiang, Cheng-Hui Yu, Hai Yu
Year of Production: 1983


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Kids From Shaolin
Kids From Shaolin (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Dec-31-1999
Run Time: 98 minutes
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Kids from Shaolin (Shao Lin xiao zi)
Kids from Shaolin (Shao Lin xiao zi) (DVD, M)

Region: 4
Released: Apr-17-2002
Run Time: N/A

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