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Cyber Tracker

Synopsis: A robotic judicial system goes amok in this fast-paced sci-fi thriller starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson. In the future, unstoppable androids called Cyber-Trackers hunt down vicious criminals and execute them on the spot. When secret service agent Eric Phillips crosses the wrong people, he's framed for murder and marked for death. Pursued by relentless Cyber-Trackers, he links up with underground rebels fighting to stop mechanized justice, and together they uncover a terrifying secret. Now the real fight begins, in an all-out battle that will decide who controls the future--man or machine.

Directed By: Richard Pepin Genre: Action / Sci-Fi
Cast: Richard Norton,
Don "The Dragon" Wilson
Year of Production: 1994


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Cyber Tracker
Cyber Tracker (DVD, R)

Region: Free
Released: Dec-22-1998
Run Time: 91 minutes

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