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Day Time Ended, The

Synopsis: A futuristic solar home in the far desert was supposed to be their refuge from urban crime. But when Jim Davis ("Dallas") and Dorothy Malone ("Peyton Place") move their family into this utopian refuge, mysterious and frightening things happen. To their horror, the family discovers they're caught in a mind-boggling time warp caused by mysterious aliens with a sinister secret about earth's imminent destruction. Prehistoric monsters, humanoid replicants, the awesome City of Light and Crystal are some of the terror this brave family must face.

Alternate Title(s): Earth's Final Fury, Time Warp, Vortex

Directed By: John "Bud" Cardos Genre: Sci-Fi
Cast: Jim Davis, Scott Kolden, Marcy Lafferty,
Dorothy Malone, Chris Mitchum, Natasha Ryan
Year of Production: 1980


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Day Time Ended, The
Day Time Ended, The (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Dec-7-2004
Run Time: 75 minutes

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