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Night Caller From Outer Space

Synopsis: A baffling alien object falls from the sky a few miles outside London. The city becomes prey to a series of deadly kidnappings. Innocent women are being stalked, then disappearing without a trace. Scientists draw a parallel between the incidents, but police officials are very skeptical. When it is apparent the reign of terror is indeed caused by a horrifying creature from outer space, it's a race to find him before many more women fall into its clutches. Unique special effects combine with taut suspense in this gripping tale of a city caught up in a nightmare!

Alternate Title(s): Blood Beast from Outer Space, Bloodbeast from Outer Space, Night Caller from Outer Space

Directed By: John Gilling Genre: Sci-Fi
Cast: Alfred Burke, Maurice Denham,
Patricia Haines, John Saxon
Year of Production: 1966


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Night Caller From Outer Space
Night Caller From Outer Space (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Jul-20-1999
Run Time: 84 minutes

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