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Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Beginning of the End

Synopsis: Giant grasshoppers always make for good movie-going fun, especially when one of them is chowing down on Peter Graves' lab assistant and Tom Servo announces, "Quickly, get a really big applesauce jar with holes poked in the lid." Or, when an Army colonel asks Graves, "Are you trying to tell me you bred these things?," to which Tom answers, "Yes. Then I deep fry them." It's just one chuckle after another as Chicago waits to be nuked while Graves takes his sweet time figuring out what makes a locust fall in love.

Directed By: Jim Mallon Genre: Comedy / Cult / Sci-Fi
Cast: Morris Ankrum, Trace Beaulieu, Peggie Castle,
Peter Graves, Kevin Murphy, Michael J. Nelson
Year of Production: 1996


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Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Beginning of the End
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Beginning of the End (DVD, Not Rated)

Region: 1
Released: Jan-30-2001
Run Time: 162 minutes

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