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Beginning of the End, The

Synopsis: A small town demolished to the ground. Dozens of innocent people mysteriously missing. A monstrous secret covered up by the military. Lovely reporter Audrey Aimes (Peggy Castle) smells a scoop, and with the aid of Dr.Ed Wainwright (Peter Graves), the truth behind the titanic terror growing in the Illinois heartland is soon uncovered! Department of Agriculture experiments with radiation have created giant man-eating grasshoppers, and now the oversized horrors are hopping their way to Chicago! Can this menace be stopped before the Windy City becomes another casualty? Or is this the Beginning of the End for mankind?

Directed By: Bert I. Gordon Genre: Sci-Fi
Cast: Morris Ankrum, Peggie Castle, Peter Graves,
Thomas Henry, James Seay, Than Wyeen
Year of Production: 1957


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Beginning of the End, The
Beginning of the End, The (DVD, Not Rated)

Region: 1
Released: Mar-25-2003
Run Time: 73 minutes

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