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2008 World Series

Synopsis: They were starving. The fans of Philadelphia - some of the most passionate and loyal fans in the world - has not experienced the thrill of a major sports championship in 25 years. And then along came the 2008 Phillies, with a feast so fulfilling that close to two million of those fans poured into the streets for a parade to celebrate just the second World Series title in the 126-year history of the team. The Phillies had ridden the wave of a phenomenal September into the postseason and an eventual date with destiny's darlings, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Cinderella team of the year. But it was the Phillies for whom this fairy tale came true.

Directed By: None listed Genre: Sports
Cast: None listed Year of Production: 2008


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2008 Philadelphia Phillies: The Official World Series Film [Blu-ray]
2008 Philadelphia Phillies: The Official World Series Film [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Disc, NR)

Region: A (Blu-ray)
Released: Dec-16-2008
Run Time: 115 minutes

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