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Boris Godunov

Synopsis: Boris Godunov is the story not only of a troubled leader but of an entire nation, and its history is as eventful as that of Mother Russia herself. In this new production, the legendary director Andrei Konchalovsky presents a personal vision of the opera that takes Mussorgsky's bare and monumental first version as its basis, while adding the final scene from the composer's revision, in which not only the Tsar but the people themselves reveal their fatal flaws.

Directed By: Andrei Konchalovsky Genre: Music
Cast: Orlin Anastassov, Peter Bronder, Alessandra Marianelli,
Nadezhda Serdjuk, Elena Sommer, Pavel Zubov
Year of Production: 2010


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Boris Godunov [Blu-ray]
Boris Godunov [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Disc, NR)

Region: A (Blu-ray)
Released: Aug-30-2011
Run Time: 164 minutes
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Boris Godunov
Boris Godunov (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Aug-30-2011
Run Time: 165 minutes

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