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It Can Be Done... Amigo!

Synopsis: Saddle up for laughs with Bud Spencer and Jack Palance in It Can Be Done, Amigo! Coburn (Spencer) has a problem. He is being pursued by the black-clad Sonny (Palance), who is determined to marry him off to the sister (Dany Saval from Disney's Moon Pilot) whom he "soiled." Along the trail Coburn picks up a small boy whose dying uncle reveals that the child is inheriting a run-down ranch that is mysteriously worth quite a bit of money. When Coburn gets to the town, he finds everyone against him, including the sheriff/judge/preacher who rules with a "kindly" iron fist. His little charge Chip (Renato Cestie) is wily, especially for his age and he senses the value of the ranch and he also seems to know what's best for Coburn, so he manipulates the adults quite well.

Directed By: Maurizio Lucidi Genre: Comedy / Foreign / Western
Cast: Jack Palance,
Bud Spencer
Year of Production: 1972


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