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Beneath The Dark

Synopsis: A dark road, a sleepy driver, a motel looming out of the night. Writer-director Chad Feehan takes those classic thriller elements and weaves a disturbing and compelling tale of love and the nightmare grip of ghosts from our past. Josh Stewart (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Jamie-Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos) deliver intense performances as a young couple who take refuge in a roadside motel. Soon, the couple has crossed paths with a mysterious desk clerk and his sultry blond wife, as well as a stranger who is somehow privy to their most closely guarded secrets. Like a love story by way of The Twilight Zone, Beneath The Dark touches your heart even as it chills your blood.

Directed By: Chad Feehan Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Cast: Angela Featherstone, Trevor Morgan, Afemo Omilami,
Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Josh Stewart
Year of Production: 2010


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Beneath the Dark
Beneath the Dark (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Mar-29-2011
Run Time: 101 minutes

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