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American Way, The

Synopsis: Vietnam vets Captain (Dennis Hopper) and his loyal pal Doc (Michael J. Pollard) take us on a ride back to the age of peace and love - in their minds at least - in this side-splitting spoof of authority and overzealous politicians. In their quest to expose government lies and corruption to their fellow Americans, they transform an old B-29 bomber into a traveling TV station and become guerrilla broadcasters, setting off across the country interrupting TV signals and spreading their message of flower power.

Directed By: Maurice Phillips Genre: Comedy
Cast: William Armstrong, James Aubrey, Dennis Hopper,
Eugene Lipinski, Al Matthews, Michael J. Pollard
Year of Production: 1986


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American Way, The
American Way, The (DVD, R)

Region: 1
Released: Jun-14-2005
Run Time: 100 minutes

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