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Leading Man: The Life and Times of William Hutt

Synopsis: The documentary follows Hutt through his much-publicized last season at the Stratford Festival in 2005, as he played Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest. As a confluence of biography and artistic profile, Leading Man shows Hutt musing as much about the nature of his craft as the events of his life. Throughout his 57 years on the stage, Hutt has been especially modest, some might say guarded about his personal life. In the film's especially candid moments, Hutt discusses those topics he typically avoids - his family, his war experience, his most difficult acting roles - revealing a life story entwined with rich cultural histories, the story of the rise of Canadian Theatre, as well as touching personal moments.

Directed By: Joel Gordon Genre: Biography / Documentary
Cast: William Hutt, Norman Jewison, Ann-Marie MacDonald,
Richard Monette, Christopher Plummer
Year of Production: 2006


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