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Bob le Flambeur

Synopsis: Suffused with wry humor, Jean-Pierre Melville’s Bob le Flambeur melds the toughness of American gangster films with Gallic sophistication to lay the roadmap for the French New Wave. As the neon is extinguished for another dawn, an aging gambler navigates the treacherous world of pimps, moneymen, and naïve associates while plotting one last score—the heist of the Deauville casino. This underworld comedy of manners possesses all the formal beauty, finesse and treacherous allure of green baize.

Alternate Title(s): Bob the Gambler, Fever Heat

Directed By: Jean-Pierre Melville Genre: Classic / Crime / Cult / Drama / Foreign / Suspense
Cast: Gérard Buhr, Daniel Cauchy, Claude Cerval, Isabel Corey, Isabelle Corey,
Guy Decomble, Roger Duchesne, Colette Fleury, André Garet, Howard Vernon
Year of Production: 1955


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Bob Le Flambeur
Bob Le Flambeur (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Apr-16-2002
Run Time: 102 minutes

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