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Synopsis: Robert "Scandal" Jackson, Jr., is an ex-Navy SEAL who went A.W.O.L. after refusing to blow up an enemy command center housing civilians. He disappeared to the wilderness of Alaska and a small Inuit community. His past catches up with him and he is shot in the face and left for dead. He wakes up in the hospital 3 weeks later with a new face and a new chance at life, thanks to a woman named Danielle LaPoint. She offers him a job with "Cobra," an undercover anti-crime agency that provides justice for victims who haven't benefited from the system. From behind the wheel of his classic AC Cobra, Scandal dispenses justice in fictional Bay City.

Directed By: Mario Azzopardi, Lyndon Chubbuck, Neill Fearnley, Jorge Montesi, Brenton Spencer, Brad Turner, Jeff Woolnough Genre: Action / Crime
Cast: Frank Cassini, Michael Dudikoff, Allison Hossack,
Tom McBeath, Sandra Nelson, James Tolkan
Year of Production: 1993


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Cobra: The Complete Series
Cobra: The Complete Series (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Sep-29-2009
Run Time: 960 minutes

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