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Monarchy With David Starkey: Set 2

Synopsis: With a deft blend of disciplined scholarship and dramatic flair, Dr. David Starkey continues his epic documentary on English royal rule. In this series, you'll meet lustful, cagey Charles II, who sired 17 illegitimate children while outmaneuvering his opposition; austere William of Orange, whom Parliament invited to conquer England; plain, pragmatic Anne, who oversaw the expansion of a great empire; George I, who established the Hanoverian line but never learned English; and regal Victoria, who ushered in a new age that saw the Monarchy become the model for middle class morality.

Directed By: David Barrie, Rachel Bella, James Burge, Simon Everson, Jamie Muir Genre: Documentary / Foreign / History
Cast: Dr. David Starkey Year of Production: 2004


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Monarchy With David Starkey, Set 2
Monarchy With David Starkey, Set 2 (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Oct-30-2007
Run Time: 239 minutes

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