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Postman In The Mountain

Synopsis: Slowed down by arthritis, a middle-aged rural postman passes his route on to his son, whom he takes on his final trip. As the pair and their loyal and resourceful dog wander over misty terrain, the love, pride and dedication revealed is as deep as the rich emerald backdrop. With his father often away on duty while he grew up, the son resented and feared him, and he felt bad for his seemingly abandoned mother. But now, as he experiences the burden that his father carried for years and he realizes the far-flung villagers along the mail route depend on the old man, he begins to appreciate the nobility of the profession.

Directed By: Jianqi Huo Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama / Foreign
Cast: Hao Chen, Ye Liu,
Rujun Ten
Year of Production: 1998


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Postmen in the Mountains
Postmen in the Mountains (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Jun-30-2009
Run Time: 90 minutes

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