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Synopsis: While watching a bullfight, Simona (Laura Antonelli) relives a traumatic experience she had when she was younger. Simona and her lover Georges (Maurizio Degli Esposti) had a free and joyful sexual relationship, and used to meet on the beach. One day they spot a girl spying on them; she is the young Marquise Marcelle de Paille (Margot Saint'Ange), who lives almost buried alive in her father's house. Since the premature death of Marcelle's mother, her father has developed an ambiguous and obsessive attachment to his daughter and will do everything to keep Marcelle near him. Simona and Georges decide to free Marcelle from her captivity with tragic consequences.

Directed By: Patrick Longchamps Genre: Adult / Foreign
Cast: Laura Antonelli, Patrick Magee,
Raf Vallone
Year of Production: 1974


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Passion (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Apr-28-2009
Run Time: 85 minutes

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