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Synopsis: Get ready for the adventures of the world's most famous castaway as every thrilling episode of Crusoe comes to DVD! Loaded with action, exciting inventions and romance, the ultimate battle for survival begins as Robinson Crusoe (Philip Winchester) sets sail for the New World. But after a dangerous onboard attack, he finds himself stuck on a remote tropical island with only the assistance of native friend Friday (Tongai Arnold Chirisa) to help him prepare for his hopeful journey back home. Co-starring Sam Neill, it's the spectacular series that critics declare "makes you a willing captive, whatever your age, giddy at its spectacle and adventure" (Frazier Moore, Associated Press).

Alternate Title(s): "Robinson Crusoe"

Directed By: Alex Chapple, Duane Clark, Michael Robison, Helen Shaver, Jeff Woolnough Genre: Adventure / Drama
Cast: Tongai Arnold Chirisa, Mark Dexter, Mía Maestro,
Sam Neill, Anna Walton, Philip Winchester
Year of Production: 2008


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Crusoe: The Complete Series
Crusoe: The Complete Series (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: May-5-2009
Run Time: 552 minutes

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