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Mistaken Identity

Synopsis: Sarah Barlow (Melissa Gilbert) is educated, wealthy and expecting her first child. Three weeks before her due date, Sarah suddenly goes into labor. Linda Wells (Rosanna Arquette), an unmarried, uneducated, unworldly young bank teller who lives nearby, arrives at the same hospital in full labor. Within minutes of each other, the two baby boys are born, a rare event at this country hospital. The two new mothers share the same room and become acquainted, even if they are very different and likely never to see each other again.

Directed By: Douglas Barr Alexander Genre: Drama
Cast: David Andrews, Rosanna Arquette, Susan Barnes,
Melissa Gilbert, Mary Mara, James McCaffrey
Year of Production: 1999


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Mistaken Identity
Mistaken Identity (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Feb-24-2009
Run Time: 90 minutes

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