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Blood Of The Zombie

Synopsis: A vengeful voodoo priestess revives and controls a hideous, rotting zombie to do her foul bidding and commit unspeakable, ritualistic acts of murder! Rarely seen in its original release in 1961, Blood Of the Zombie is a historically important missing link in the cadaverous canon of modern zombie cinema! Unearthed from a long forgotten film vault, Blood Of the Zombie has been revived and restored from its original camera negative-in color and ultrascope!! Directed by war hero Barry Mahon (Rocket Attack U.S.A., Errol Flynn's Cuban Rebel Girls)-the true life inspiration for the Steve McQueen character in The Great Escape! Stars Monica Davis (1,000 Shapes A Female) and John McKay (Cuban Rebel Girls).

Directed By: Barry Mahon Genre: Horror
Cast: Monica Davis, Clyde Kelly, John Mackey,
Darlene Myrick, Linda Ormond
Year of Production: 1961


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Blood of the Zombie
Blood of the Zombie (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Jan-28-2003
Run Time: 90 minutes

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