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Mad Detective

Synopsis: Directors Johnnie To (TRIAD ELECTION) and Wai Ka Fai (FULLTIME KILLER) team up for this quirky action film that was a huge hit in its native Hong Kong. Lau Ching Wan (BLACK MASK) plays Bun, a criminal profiler who's gone off the deep end. After slicing off his ear at a going-away party, he's forced to turn in his badge. Nevertheless Bun's madness comes with a power: the ability to see people's innermost desires. It's a talent that puts him back into action when the police encounter a particularly baffling case. The line between reality and fantasy bends in this surreal thriller that redefines the detective genre.

Alternate Title(s): Mad Detective , Shen tan

Directed By: Wai Ka Fai, Johnnie To Genre: Action / Foreign / Thriller
Cast: Kelly Lin, Andy On,
Lam Ka Tung, Lau Ching Wan
Year of Production: 2007


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Mad Detective
Mad Detective (DVD, Not Rated)

Region: 1
Released: Feb-12-2008
Run Time: N/A

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