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America's Greatest Monuments: Washington D.C.

Synopsis: We study them in school and visit them by the millions. They are world-renowned symbols of our nation. But they are also shrouded in misinformation, mystery and mythology. How much do we really know about America s Greatest Monuments? Appreciate our capitol s greatest shrines on a whole new level from the war memorials to the monuments honoring America s founding fathers to Arlington s eternal flame in Smithsonian Networks' original program America s Greatest Monuments: Washington, D.C. These soaring tributes in stone, steel, soil and sky have amazing stories to tell. They are a permanent record of our nation s history and evolution into the world s greatest democracy, a country of the people.

Directed By: None Genre: Documentary / History
Cast: none Year of Production: 2008


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America's Greatest Monuments: Washington D.C.
America's Greatest Monuments: Washington D.C. (DVD, Not Rated)

Region: 1
Released: Sep-23-2008
Run Time: 56 minutes

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