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Johnny Sunshine

Synopsis: In the year 2012, three years after the rise of zombies, a seedy underworld of exploitation and violence exists in a maze of alleyways and speakeasies just outside the city walls; where life is cheap and the drugs are cheaper. Surviving to a ripe old age has become an urban myth. At the center of it all is Johnny Sunshine, a porn-snuff star and killer for hire. She stalks the night like a tempest of sex and violence, much to the pleasure and profit of her producer, Max, and his entertainment empire. As the body count rises, Johnny becomes a victim of her own success. A secret plot is hatched to orchestrate her downfall and capture it all on camera to create the greatest snuff film ever made.

Directed By: Matt Yeager Genre: Adult / Horror
Cast: Sean-Michael Argo, Shey Bland,
Eric Halsell, John Patrick McCauley
Year of Production: 2007


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Johnny Sunshine
Johnny Sunshine (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Aug-5-2008
Run Time: 80 minutes

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