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Abigail Leslie Is Back In Town

Synopsis: When seductress Abigail Leslie returns to her old fishing village hometown, it sends a sexual tidal wave through the small community. Abigail is known for her voracious appetite for all things carnal, and her homecoming has re-sparked the passions and lust that smolder beneath the town's facade of propriety. While the men and women of Baypoint are thrilled at the non-stop, adulterous fun that's in store, Abigail's long-time girlfriends regret the prodigal daughter's sudden return - especially Priscilla, whose husband Gordon (Jamie Gillis) has had a running affair with her. But quicker than you can say "catch of the day," everyone is knocking on Abigail's door for an unforgettable night, or day, of orgiastic pleasures.

Directed By: Joseph W. Sarno Genre: Adult
Cast: Rebecca Brooke, Eric Edwards, Jamie Gillis,
Sarah Nicholson, Jennifer Welles
Year of Production: 1976


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Abigail Leslie Is Back in Town (A Retro-Seduction Cinema Presentation)
Abigail Leslie Is Back in Town (A Retro-Seduction Cinema Presentation) (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Jan-24-2006
Run Time: 100 minutes

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