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Good Men, Good Women

Synopsis: Modern-day actress Liang Ching (Annie Shizuka Inoh), is set to star in a film about the White Terror, the Taiwanese government's crackdown on suspected Communists during the early 50s. Caught up in rehearsals, Liang Chin finds herself imagining the film she will be starring in, but her visualization of scenes from the script seem inflected more and more by her personal memories which are awakened by the mysterious receipt of faxed pages from her old diary. As a result, she is forced to relive the past - blurring the lines between her movie role and real life.

Directed By: Hsiao-hsien Hou Genre: Foreign
Cast: Annie Shizuka Inoh, Jack Kao, Jieh-Wen King,
Bo-Chow Lan, Giong Lim, Li-Chin Lu
Year of Production: 1995


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Good Men, Good Women
Good Men, Good Women (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Feb-19-2002
Run Time: 108 minutes

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