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2009 Lost Memories

Synopsis: There are breakpoints in the history, the result of a single event may change the whole course... In 1909, an assassination attempt to a Japanese governor fails - the assassin was shot by a soldier. Now, in 2009, Korea is just another state of the Japan Empire and Seoul has become a major city. A Korean resistance group called Hureisenjin is formed to fight for liberty and independence. Two cops, a Japan and a Korean (who denied his heritage) are investigating the actions of this "terrorist" group. And their work lead them to an artifact of the ancient Korean religion of "Sun and Moon".

Directed By: Si-myung Lee Genre: Action / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Suspense / Thriller
Cast: Kil-Kang Ahn, Masaaki Daimon, Shohei Imamura, Dong-Kun Jang, Nobuyuki Katsube,
Min-sun Kim, Ken Mitsuishi, Toru Nakamura, Jin-ho Seo, Goo Shin
Year of Production: 2002


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2009 Lost Memories
2009 Lost Memories (DVD, Not Rated)

Region: 1
Released: Nov-24-2004
Run Time: 175 minutes

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