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Ice-Cold in Alex

Synopsis: Recently described as the Ultimate British War film, Ice Cold in Alex is closely based on 'Christopher Landon's best-selling account of his wartime experiences. 'John Mills' gives one of his most distinguishing performances as Capt Anson a grumbling alcoholic sent on a WW2 mission to Alexandria. En route Anson makes the acquaintance of Nurses Sister Diane Murdoch and Sister Denise Norton and a South African Officer, Capt Van Der Poel. But though Van Der Poel proves invaluable on their perilous journey through enemy territory, is he all that he seems.

Alternate Title(s): Desert Attack, Ice Cold in Alex, Desert Attack , Ice Cold in Alex

Directed By: J. Lee Thompson Genre: Drama / War
Cast: Harry Andrews, Diane Clare, Richard Leech, John Mills,
Anthony Quale, Liam Redmond, Sylvia Syms
Year of Production: 1958


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Ice-Cold in Alex
Ice-Cold in Alex (DVD, PG)

Region: 2
Released: Jan-29-2007
Run Time: 124 minutes

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