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Daddy, Darling

Synopsis: The taboo theme of incest looms large in the field of soft-core erotica, especially in the work of sexploitation capo di capi Joseph Sarno. The subject has served as a cornerstone, literally or figuratively, for many of Sarno's plotlines throughout his long and prolific career, playing a vital role in such noteworthy productions as The Indelicate Balance, Vibrations and Confessions of a Young American Housewife. Few films in Sarno's repertoire deal with the incest theme more complexly or with greater subtlety than his Danish-produced soft-sex psychodrama Daddy, Darling.

Directed By: Joseph W. Sarno Genre: Adult / Drama
Cast: Lise Henningsen, Helli Louise, Gio Petré,
Søren Strømberg, Lise Thomsen, Ole Wisborg
Year of Production: 1970


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Daddy, Darling
Daddy, Darling (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Jul-29-2008
Run Time: 95 minutes

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