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Synopsis: The stakes are high when a high-class hooker, Dawn Devine (Goldie Hawn), and a handsome con man, Joe Collins (Warren Beatty), team up for a Hamburg bank heist. They set their targets on the secret stashes of a shady army sergeant, a German drug dealer and a Vegas mobster. But when the crooks realize they've been double-crossed, Dawn and Joe must run for their lives in order to keep the loot. Movie icons Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn heat up the screen in this crime caper by Oscar-winning director Richard Brooks (1960, Best Screenplay, Elmer Gantry).

Directed By: Richard Brooks Genre: Comedy
Cast: Warren Beatty, Scott Brady, Gert Frobe,
Goldie Hawn, Robert Webber
Year of Production: 1971


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Region: 1
Released: Sep-23-2008
Run Time: 120 minutes

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